Tot Preschool: Letter P

Last week we talked about Letter P! It was quite the exciting week for my little Sweet P, whose name, if you haven't gathered, does indeed start with a P. (I know we seemed to have skipped Letter O, but I'll post those activities later.)

So many great things start with P, but Sweet P has been fascinated with peacocks lately so we did several peacock activities.

Handprint Peacock: She painted her hands green and then placed them on a white sheet of paper. We let the paint dry, cut them out and then she decorated the feathers. She added a head, body, beak and googly eyes.

Popsicle Peacock: Sweet P painted the popsicle sticks after she did her handprints so they all dried at the same time and we came back to the peacocks after naptime. She decorated the popsicle sticks with sticky rhinestone (which she also loves to wear as earrings). I gave her a white piece of paper and we talked about patterning with green and blue. She created his feathers and then gave him a body, beak and googly eyes. 

Fanning Peacock: I have to say I love this peacock! I really wanted her to have a peacock that could fan it's feathers, but didn't love the idea of a fan peacock so I came up with this. After I cut out all the pieces, Sweet P assembled them. She also gave him eyes and a beak. Since it was cardstock it was tough to get through the brad so I poked holes and she was able to get them on a bit easier. Fold down the edges of the brad and there you have it! A fanning peacock! His body and the dots on his feathers are glittery scrapbook paper, but could very easily be made using glitter and regular paper.

We made Teach Preschool's super cute peas in a pod.

Sweet P also played with this fun Paint Brush File Folder from Confessions of a Homeschooler and we talked about how pink and purple also start with P. 

P collage with items that start with P cut from magazines: We talked about each item's name and then she glued them on while I made lunch.

Since Memorial Day was that week, we also did some Patriotic activities (yep, I'm that corny).

I don't have a picture, but we did a Letter P maze and covered all the Pp's with Pirate stickers. She likes doing this much more than dotting the letters on the maze. After all the stickers were in place, I showed her how to trace the maze with her finger.

Sweet P also had a Letter P muffin tin, full of some of her favorite "once in awhile" snacks! It also included a pickle juice that face!