Introducing: MeMeTales Readathon 2012

I mentioned the MeMeTales and PBSKids Readathon 2012 last week in my 60 Ways to Make Reading Fun post, but here is the post that will tell you all about the Readathon and how YOU can be a part of it!
Join Readathon 2012
It's simple, it's educational and it's fabulous!

So how does it work?
  1. Visit How Do I Participate in Readathon 2012 for a complete list of details and instructions regarding the Readathon.
  2. Each week there will be a series of new ebooks your child can borrow/read through a MeMeTales app (available for iPad, iPhone, Android phone/tablet and Kindle Fire) or through MeMeTales online (this is how we read it since we don't own any of the above!). 
  3. By signing up or downloading the app, you instantly receive 20 ebooks free! You'll have access to a newsletter with weekly activities centered around the theme. 
  4. Each week of the Readathon (6 total) has a theme:
    • Week 1: Animal Fun
    • Week 2: Friendship
    • Week 3: Character Development
    • Week 4: Imagination
    • Week 5: The Green Earth
    • Week 6: Global Cultures
  5. Participating in the Readathon also supports, an organization devoted to helping children around the world attend school. For each child who joins the Readathon, MeMeTales donates a meal to send a hungry child to school. 
  6. Various bloggers are participating in the Readathon and creating crafts/activities to go along with one of the featured books each week. Check back to see ours for Week 1. 
I sincerely hope you'll join us in participating in Readathon 2012! Use hashtag #readforgood to interact, communicate and connect with other Readathon participants.