Readathon 2012: 5 Little Ducklings

It's Week 1 of the MeMeTales Readathon and this week's theme is ANIMALS! If you haven't signed up, you still can. Read more in this post to find out how.

We LOVE the MeMeTales 5 Little Ducklings ebook. In fact, I think I like it more than Sweet P does!

If you're not familiar with The 5 Little Ducklings, it's an old rhyme that is often sung so I can't help but sing the words! I like to read the ebooks as well as listen to them - so this one gets sung (even the Farmer gets it stuck in his head) instead of read.

I knew I wanted to use felt (surprise, surprise!) to create the ducks and quickly whipped up some yellow ducks and a mama late one night. I used Sharpie for their eyes and a little orange piece of felt for the beak. I hot glued them together and wa-la! Instant ducklings.
Sweet P loved putting them on and singing along, but also liked playing with them flat on our bookshelf. We did the activity a few different ways:
  • Mama duck on my finger, baby ducks on the bookshelf: she pulled one off and scooted them back and forth as we sang
  • Mama duck on my finger, baby ducks on her hand: she flicked one off each time the mama called them back
  • Mama and baby ducks on the bookshelf: she dropped the baby ducks on the floor as we sang
Sweet P wanted a grilled cheese for lunch so I made a mama duck with her 5 little babies! As she ate she'd say "There's only 4 now!" and we made up silly rhymes like "4 little duckies sitting looking so yummy! I ate one and now it's in my tummy!" 
Mama duck: grilled cheese with carrot hair and beak, grape/raisin eyes
Baby ducks: Banana with raisin eyes and carrot hair and beak
Cloud/sun: Greek yogurt and carrot
Water: blueberries

We've been having a great time with the Readathon! How about you?

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