Musical Play: DIY Drums

One morning before my munchkins got up, I set up a drum set. Not your average drum set, but a drum set nonetheless. I grabbed some wooden spoons drum sticks and laid it out for them.

Baby Blue was up first, but wasn't yet crawling so he wasn't sure what to do until big sister came down and showed him the ropes.

She banged and bongo'ed and beat those drums until I said, "Want some breakfast?"

This activity allowed her to hear how different items make a different sound when you hit them. The large cauldron was by far the loudest and actually made Baby Blue cry a few times. It made a sharp, ear piercing ting when hit with the sticks.

I showed her how to move the pizza pan around to hear the different sounds it made when resting on something different. It really did sound like a cymbal!

The next day she played the drums and then started cooking!

Baby Blue loved it too, but he usually ended up eating the drum sticks after he banged a few times (drumming must work up an appetite).

These stayed out for several days until I needed one of the spoons and a pot for dinner one night! Who needs a drum set when you have pots, pans and plastic containers?

Our drums:

  • stainless steel large pot
  • large sauce pan
  • plastic ice cream bucket
  • cardboard box
  • small trash can 
  • foil pan
  • plastic tub 
  • pizza pan