{Readathon 2012} Pretend Play Parties

Join Readathon 2012 Sweet P LOOOOVES birthday parties (partly because she LOVES cupcakes) and celebrates daily with several of her stuffed toys and dolls. Most days, one of her toys has a birthday (I think Beary is now 8 years old) and she has a great time setting up her dolls and serving food.

After reading Lott's Tea Party as part of the MeMeTales Readathon, I noticed how many of those things Sweet P does to prepare for her own pretend play parties and as we read we talked about the similarities. She loved the owl drinking tea and wiping his mouth. We also noticed that Lott wears a bow just like Sweet P!

We have a set of felt cookies that I made for Sweet P as a Valentine's gift and they are so much fun. Last week as we played upstairs she made cookies for me, the Farmer, Beary and several other toys. I loved watching the thought that went into each cookie and her preparation as we told her the color of frosting and how many sprinkles we wanted.

Today we'll be making cookies for a friend who recently had a baby and delivering them on Saturday!

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