60 Ways to Make {Reading} Fun

I was inspired to write this list after our library distributed a list of ways to make reading fun during Spring Break. I absolutely, positively love to read, and can only hope I share that passion with my children. While most of these talk about reading with/to your child, these can most certainly be done by a child who can read on their own. Read to, with or alongside your children as often as possible.

Read {where}
1. in the bath tub (empty, of course). Fill it with blankets, pillows and books.
2. outside. In a chair, on a blanket, under a tree, in a tree house, at a park.
3. in a fort. Build a fort with your child and climb inside for a book or two.
4. with a flashlight. Turn off the lights and read to your child by flashlight.
5. in a book nook. Create a special place for reading books with comfy blankets and stuffed toys.
6. at the table. Start each meal with a book or a bible verse.
7. wearing dress-up clothes.
8. under a table.
9. in a laundry basket (if you're small enough to fit!).
10. out loud.
11. on the stairs.
12. every day.

Read {what}
13. a book in a different language.
14. a how-to book.
15. a pictures-only book.
16. a book with chapters.
17. a year book (preferably your mom or dads).
18. the newspaper.
19. labels at the grocery store.
20. a comic book.
21. the Bible
22. street signs.
23. a book from the library.
24. a book that plays music.

Read with {or to} your
25. mom.
26. dad.
27. grandma.
28. grandpa.
29. brother
30. sister.
31. cousins.
32. aunt.
33. uncle.
34. neighbor.
35. best friend.
36. babysitter.
37. favorite stuffed animal/doll.
38. pet.
39. self in the mirror.

Read a Book About
40. your hometown.
41. your state.
42. your country.
43. a castle.
44. dinosaurs.
45. the past.
46. the future.
47. another country.
48. your favorite animal.
49. your favorite food.
50. your favorite activity.
51. the moon.
52. going on vacation.
53. the place you're going on vacation.
54. fairy tales.
55. someone famous.
56. a holiday.
57. the seasons.

{Active} Reading
58. sing the words.
59. act out the words.
60. spell the words.

Since we're talking about reading, I wanted to share some exciting news! We are joining PBS and Memetales for their Summer Readathon 2012! As one of the blogs participating in this project, we'll be sharing a weekly activity that corresponds with one of the Readathon books. Stay tuned for more about the Readathon later this week!
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