2 Going on 13

On Sunday (Easter), I called Sweet P into the bathroom so I could explain the way church might go that day. I have found that explaining things to her BEFORE we do them helps her be more flexible when those things happen. For example, explaining that she'll have to sit on my lap on the airplane, that she needs to hold my hand in crowded areas, that she has to stay by mommy at the library, etc. So this wasn't something new.

She came in with a random toy in her hands and I said:
"Okay, I need you to listen to mommy."

She looked at me and I said:
"It might be crowded at church so you may need to sit in mommy's lap."

Her: "All done."

Me (surprised because she didn't try to hand me the toy when she said all done): "All done, what?"

Her: "All done listening to mama."

And there you have it. My not-quite-2 year old going on 13. All done listening to mama. How do you not laugh at that?!