Egg Sorting Activity

Sweet P LOVED this activity. And I have to admit I had a great time watching her do it.

I used a bead container, but an ice cube tray or mini muffin tin would work, too. I found mini eggs at Hobby Lobby for 34 cents and bought them in hopes of doing size sequencing with her. When I found the bead container downstairs I knew it was the perfect size for the eggs.

The first round through I had the eggs in a felt basket and she put them in one at a time by hand. I think she really wanted to dump the first few out, but I encouraged her to keep putting them in.
After she filled them all up, we closed the box and she shook it to hear the sound it made. She dumped them out and I brought her an ice cream scoop.
Round 2 she scooped each egg up with the ice cream scoop. I was really impressed that she didn't even have to use her other hand to scoop the egg in! She placed each one in a hole and closed the lid again for a good shake.
Then, she took each egg OUT with the ice cream scoop! She did this on her own and it wasn't working at first so I had to show her how to hold the scoop to get the eggs out.
Once she got them out she dumped them back into the felt basket.
This was such a fun, simple and cheap activity. I think we'll do it again this week.

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