Egg Matching Activity

While going through my scrapbook stuff the other night I found some fun paper (that I have way too much of) and decided to make eggs out of it. After I cut them out I tried to think of ways we could use them.
We started out with color matching. When Sweet P sees things that have pairs, she automatically starts pairing them up.
As she paired each one, I encouraged her to feel the texture of each egg (the paper was textured) and she did so with her face. Some of the pieces were fuzzy, one was sparkly and the others had raised decorations.
Once she'd paired them I cut them all in half and matched them up with a different color.
It took her a minute and the Farmer showed her how to do one, but then she successfully matched each color to it's correct bottom.
Another easy and cheap activity. All you need is some colored paper. This could be done with construction paper, cardstock or scrapbook paper.

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