Earth Day Indoor Garden

Yesterday the Farmer and I helped Sweet P plant an indoor garden. Auntie Rosita sent me this link as inspiration, but I skipped the eggs and went straight for the carton. This was the perfect activity for a cold and rainy day like yesterday.

The Farmer has TONS of grass and flower seeds so he picked out a few for Sweet P to plant. He put dirt in a terra cotta pot (but we ended up moving it to a smaller container) for her to scoop out of into the egg carton.

What you need:
egg carton
potting soil (organic if you can find it)
grass or flower seeds
spray bottle with water
spoon and a pencil
plastic liner
plant markers (optional)

Sweet P scooped soil into each hole of the container and then we poked a hole using the pencil to make a place for the seeds.
The Farmer labeled each area so we'd know what was what. We planted seeds according to the directions on each seed packet. Sweet P sprinkled the seeds in and then we covered the holes.
With my help she sprayed each hole until saturated with a spray bottle of water. Place the egg carton on a plastic liner (we used the lid of a bin of spinach) to catch any water that may soak through the carton.

Here's what we planted:
Yellow Marigolds
Orange Marigolds
Little Bluestem
Big Bluestem
Switch Grass

My daughter LOVES dirt so she loved this activity and scooping the dirt. At one point she just started digging in the pot of soil with her hands, while we finished the planting.

I'm SO excited to watch these grow. I'll post the progress of the plants over the next couple of weeks!

This is a simple activity that involves sensory play, gross motor skills, recycling and making the earth a more beautiful place! We hope to transplant these to a garden (like this one!) for Sweet P once they get too large for the carton.

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