Tot School: More pre-Easter

Sweet P is 23.5 months old

I've also started using the Tot School post as a way to document our weeks and what we did. It's been really fun to go back and read about our weeks.

What a great week we had, despite a few rainy days here and there. Watching her learn through certain activities is so neat! I had a great mom moment this week where she really enjoyed an activity I was unsure about. More on that activity in another post, too. Here's our week:

AM: Playdate at a friend's house, lunch with the Farmer and sensory bucket play.

PM: After her nap we played with a foam "build an egg" set that Gammie sent. She loves these eggs and they have transformed into something different each time she plays with them. After we made the first one I asked what she wanted to name her so I could write the name at the bottom. She said, "Kannon," which is of course Auntie K's name and not much of a surprise since she runs around yelling "Go Kaaaaannon!" all the time. Then we made a boy egg and when we got to the naming portion and I asked she said, "Ada-win." Now if you're not aware, my name is Adrienne. I tried to talk her out of it and the best I got was "Avocado," but when I asked if she was sure she said, "Ada-win." Matter of factly. So there ya have it. Our girl egg is Kannon and the boy egg is Adrienne.

AM: Playdate with a friend and her new baby brother at our house. Before they got here we played with some puzzles we hadn't had out in awhile and Duplo blocks. She loves to stack them as high as she can.
PM: That afternoon soccer practice was cancelled so we took a family walk to a nearby park. She loved swinging, but wouldn't go down the slide (it was pretty tall). When we got home we planted a few things (lettuce, carrots) in the garden and I headed to the gym. He didn't get a pic, but she hauled around the big watering can and helped the Farmer water.

AM: Playdate at a friend's house. After the playdate and lunch we tried on her Easter dress and her birthday tutu from last year. And she looked so cute standing at her window in the tutu that I grabbed the camera and we had an impromptu photo shoot! She was too funny! Here are a few unedited shots:

PM: After naptime we played in the basement and watched a little bit of Finding Nemo. She loved watching the fish! We also colored in the kitchen and spent more time outside in the garden with her new little watering can (it was an Easter basket gift, but we decided to get it out early).

Thursday (super rainy day)
AM: She played with her Trace Erase board and drew on the number 2 after breakfast. Then we went to the library and picked up 20 (yes 20!!!) books, went to a store called The Learning Post (which has FABULOUS school resources and fun toys).

PM: We started C is for Cross Thurs afternoon and had our first experience with Do A Dot markers! She loved it! I bought one at the Learning Post to try it out. I wanted the item to be a cross so I made a few worksheets similar to the ones Carisa uses at 1+1+1=1. She did great with only dotting the crosses at first, but then she went to town on the rest of the sheet!
We also played with stickers and colored before playing with our Easter sensory bucket and having sink time.
I also got out her Resurrection magnets for her to play with (they are on top of the sensory bin in the pic). She moved them one at a time to the dish washer telling me which was which. She may not know the meaning of Jesus' tomb, but she carries around that magnet and says "Jesus' tomb!"
AM: Sweet P spent the morning playing with the Farmer while I ran errands.

I've been wanting a peg board for Sweet P for awhile, but didn't want to spend 25$. Well, I found one at a consignment sale on Friday for 2$! Score! She loves it and played with it all day on Friday.
Auntie RoRo sent her a package that included this adorable wooden bunny mask that RoRo covered with scrapbook paper. LOVE it! And so does Sweet P!
I found a bead container and thought it would hold our mini eggs really well so I turned it into a fun activity (this is the one I was so excited about). I'll post more about it, but she put the eggs in by hand first, then I brought her an ice cream scoop. She loved doing this and sat here for almost 20 minutes scooping them in and then OUT of the container! She then scooped them into a little Easter bag. More pics in another post.
She also spent the entire day in her pj's (she even wore 2 different pairs because the first pair got dirty)!

PM: The Farmer's soccer game was cancelled so we had lots of fun time with daddy! (Plus, Sweet P took a 3 hour nap that day and was up late!)

AM: Read a new book from Nana and played in the bath in the morning before meeting the Farmer for brunch.

PM: She helped me cook banana bread for her sitter Miss Sharon (The Farmer and I went on a date!!! the first one since Christmas!) and pancakes for her dinner. I let her stand on a chair in the kitchen and she really loved it. She did NOT want to get down!

AM: Took a nature walk and picked up acorns and pinecones, then we colored and drew lines from one circle to another, played with lettered lids and read books. I also got out her sleeping tent and she played in that for awhile. I asked her if she wanted to take a nap in it and she said yes, but cried when I tried to leave. Not ready for camping just yet.

PM: We went to a bridal shower for the Farmer's cousin and she had the best time chasing around other kids. I've never seen her laugh so much! She loved hanging out with 2nd cousin Taylor and holding her hand. We went to church in the afternoon (which is never a good idea with Sweet P) and the Farmer ended up taking her outside to the playground for most of the service.

That was our week! Find out what other moms of tots are up to at 1+1+1=1.