Tot School: Pre-Easter

Sweet P is 23 mos old.

We started some Easter activities this week and had some fun playdates. The weather was nice most of the week so we took advantage of it and played outside a lot, too.

AM: The Farmer and I had dentist appointments so we played a bit before we went and then spent 2 hours at the dentist. Sweet P was such a sport. Our dentist's office has a kids room with toys and she had a blast. She also got a balloon and picked out a prize from the kids box (the receptionists are so sweet!).

PM: Our friends L and K came over (K's husband is the Farmer's asst coach) while the boys had soccer practice.

AM: I put away our green sensory bin FINALLY and got out stuff for an Easter bin. I realized we didn't have much and decided I'd stop at Dollar Tree to get some eggs. She played with a few things I had before breakfast.
Pretending cookie cutters are bracelets.
Sweet P and I ran errands all over town to return shoes that didn't fit or didn't have strap in the back (have you ever tried to have a 2 year old wear flip flops? doesn't go well). Went to Target, Wal-Mart, Old Navy, Dollar Tree and Children's Place. We didn't play at the play area, but I did let her climb around some ride on toys in the mall. We picked up plastic eggs at Dollar Tree and I hid them for her when we got home. She really got a kick out of finding the eggs. The first time I didn't put anything in them and then I hid Easter themed erasers. She loved picking them up and opening them to see what was inside. This was such a fun activity for her.

She put an egg on top of her pink balloon and said, "BUNNY!" It was too cute and I snapped this pic right before she knocked them off.
We played outside with chalk for a bit.
Gammie got Sweet P these Stick A Doodle Reusable writing surfaces and we used one on Tuesday. She had so much fun with it and we have it stuck to the window. It comes with 3 reusable sheets, 4 markers and an eraser. We did it on the window because I didn't want her to think writing on the wall was okay. If it gets on the window, it comes right off.

PM: We visited the Farmer before his soccer game at the soccer field. She found a pine cone and loved walking all through the grass. Sweet P and I took a walk on the bike path near our house when we got home.

AM: Sweet P played with the Farmer in the morning while I visited our friend who just had a new baby boy! Before I left we played magnetic Bingo. Sweet P got this for Christmas and even though it's for 4+ she does awesome! You spin the wheel and it lands on an animal, then you place your magnetic dot on the animal. She really enjoys this game and it teaches some animals we don't see much! This picture is from Tuesday, but she played it several times this week!
PM: Headed to the lake for a walk with our friends A, I and G and played on the playground.

AM: Playdate at our friend H's house (our lake walk was rained out). Had a lot of fun with friends and played with all sorts of fun toys.

Playing with her Trace Erase board after lunch. Nana got her this for Christmas and it's pretty awesome. We have two of the books and hope to get more at some point. Here she is coloring the number 1.

During lunch I "quizzed" her on letters by writing them on her Trace Erase board and asking her what they were. She had trouble with 5 of them (G, K, U, T, C) so I put the other letters from her magnetic alphabet away and left out the troublesome 5. I think it's really helping her learn those letters. K is really confusing for her because she thinks it's an X.

PM: We were supposed to go to the Farmer's soccer game, but there was a torrential downpour so we headed over to K and L's house instead.

AM: Sweet P took a walk with the Farmer while I took food to our friend C (who had the baby) and we played magnetic Bingo again. She's also very in to playing with the Easter eggs. She played with the Daiso cookie cutters while I made lunch.
And had more fun with the sensory bin. Do you see that look? That's usually what I get when I say SMILE!
PM: Went to Hobby Lobby (I found small and large eggs for 33 cents a bag!) then visited the Farmer at the bowling alley for a team building activity. Sweet P went to a pasta dinner with the Farmer while I had a girls night out with K! She and L had tons of fun with the players' moms and the boys!

AM: Playing with Easter eggs and drawing (all over one of the papers the Farmer was grading. OOPS!). Then we headed to a soccer game at 10. Played all over the bleachers with L, while K and I chased after them.

PM: Did an Easter egg hunt outside and dug in the dirt in the raised garden beds. Came inside to cool off and have fun with the Farmer (who is so very sunburned from his double soccer games). Then had a treat and went out to eat for Mexican food! YUM. Sweet P wasn't interested in her food until the ride home. I'm writing this on Saturday and it's 9:22pm. She is currently still up in her bed banging around and singing. She's been in bed since 8:20!

AM: Church, then lunch, then an early nap since she was up until 9:30 Sat. night!

PM: The Farmer planned a fun afternoon at the park. We played on the playsets, then took a walk. It was 86 degrees today!

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