Tot School: Easter Week

Sweet P is 23.5 mos old

What a great week we had, even though we spent most of our days inside due to yucky, rainy weather. We did lots of Easter-inspired activities and spent a lot of time
with the Farmer.

AM: Playdate at an indoor playground with friends.
PM: We dyed Easter eggs with the Farmer. This was a tough activity, but she had a really good time looking at all the colors and coloring on the eggs.
I got out her sleep tent and she had a blast letting all her dolls slide down the "slide."
She did the egg matching activity and played with the Farmer before he went to his soccer game.
AM: Discussed Palm Sunday and read from Bible for Me: Easter and The Easter Story (a bible sticker/activity book from Nana) about Jesus riding into town on a donkey. We have a stuffed Jesus doll and I had him ride in on her stick horse. She thought this was really fun, although she wasn't a fan of waving the palms we got at church. She also liked saying Hosanna!

I don't have pictures, but we watched 1+1+1=1 letter C PowerPoint for toddlers and did the letters E and C on Starfall. There were matching activities with the E and C letters and she did really well sorting big E and little e.

I got out a basket of ribbon and let her go to town with it.
Playdoh with eggs and cookie cutters. I also gave her these animal candle holders (for birthday candles) and she liked digging around in the playdoh with them.
Auntie K gave her a marker that has a marker on one side and a rolling stamp on the other. It took her awhile to figure it out, but she loved the stamping.

AM: Sweet P spent the morning with the Farmer, while I worked. They played in her room and went to run some errands. Before her lunch we planted our indoor garden (which will eventually become outdoor). She loved this activity and scooping the dirt, see more pictures here.
PM: After seeing several pics of kids blowing bubbles on Facebook, I decided we'd brave the cold and try to blow some bubbles. She doesn't quite have it down, but I figure we'll get plenty of practice this summer! She puts her mouth on the wand, which doesn't always create the best bubbles! Even though she didn't blow any, she had fun with all our different wands and watching me blow them.
After bubble blowing we read about Jesus washing his disciples feet and I washed her feet in the kitchen. She thought this was so fun and wanted me to wash them again and again. Afterward, she played in the bowl of water and wanted to wash my feet. So cute.
We also had some fun with sunglasses!
This memory game came with our Easter egg kit so she matched up the pairs and then I tried a game where I set 3 in front of her. I told her what they were and had her repeat them, then I told her to close her eyes and I took one away. She knew the one that was missing twice, but I think it may have been a coincidence!
AM: Playdate at a friend's house

PM: After her nap we did several activities with paint! I found the bunny and chick ideas at Meet the Dubiens. I cut out shapes while she was sleeping and she glued them to the paper with my help. Then I painted her hands and we did the whiskers and feet. She really liked having her hands painted, but wasn't too into the egg painting we did afterward.
I saw this on B Inspired, Mama! We dipped Easter egg halves in paint and painted with them. She was more interested in painting with her fingers though!
Do a Dot: I made a C page inspired by 1+1+1=1 with C items: caterpillar, cat, car and cross. I'd tell her to color the cat, the car, etc. and then she went to town on the rest of the page.
C is for Cross: I slipped this page in her Trace Erase board and she had a fun time drawing all over it.
Stickers: I gave her a bunch of stickers and let her decorate a birthday present for her friend G.

AM: We read about Jesus' death on Friday morning, then we had a doctor's appt and grocery shopping. We got home just in time for lunch and some coloring. Then she took a 3 hour nap!
PM: Sweet P spent what was left of the afternoon with the Farmer and then we went to a Good Friday service that night.

AM: We had a fun-filled Easter egg hunt and brunch with some dear friends. What a great time all the kids had. Sweet P loved picking up the eggs and opening them to see what was inside! We spent the whole morning there.
PM: Despite it being cloudy and cold, I took Sweet P to the playground because we desperately needed some time outdoors! We played and then took a quick walk. After we got home we made a toilet paper bunny! I love his little cotton ball tail.
We read several Easter books before Skyping with Gammie!
AM: After church, we headed out to the farm for an Easter egg hunt and picnic. It was a much nicer day and I'm so glad we went! Sweet P also got to dig in the garden and look for worms! She wouldn't hold them though even though I was tough and held one out for her!
PM: She played outside with the Farmer and then we took a family walk before an early bedtime.

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