Muffin Tin Monday

Muffin Tin Monday at

We had lots of fun meals this week so I'll be posting 2 today.

I simply did an Easterish theme for both tins. I used silicone flower muffin liners and the smaller half of a few Easter eggs. She loved dumping her food from flower liner to egg to muffin tin. Silly girl.

NOTE: Cutting shapes out of tortillas is a difficult task!
Starting with left column: grapes, cheese/tortilla bird, spinach, (2nd column) cheese/tortilla flower, grapes, cheese/tortilla flower, (3rd column) pumpkin seeds, cheese/tortilla bunny, carrots, (4th column) extra tortillas and a pickle.

Here's what was left of that tin:

And here's our 2nd tin from last week. I made decorative toothpicks with stickers and she really likes those.
From left: (1st column) hummus, grapes, (2nd column) kiwi, broccoli, pickles, (3rd column) kiwi, peas, carrots, (4th column) banana muffin, broccoli and feta).