The End of an Era

Okay, so it's not really an era, but it is the end.

2 weeks ago Sweet P started weaning herself. We were in Austin and the truth is the munchkin was too busy to even think about wanting "nah nah." She started calling nursing "nah nah" at 10 months old because she associated it with going "night night." Auntie Rosita figured it out one day while she was rocking her to sleep and she said it. And nah nah it became.

If you remember this post, you remember that my goal was to breastfeed Sweet P until she was 2. We almost made it. She was 22 months and 18 days old. I'd say that's close enough! But I'll also say that I wasn't ready for it and if it'd been up to me, we'd still be nursing. She self-weaned, though, and I wasn't going to push it on her if she was ready to give it up. I asked her if she wanted it one day and she said, "No." Well, okay. Can't argue with that!

By the time we got home it'd been 3 days. She asked for it a few times once we're home, especially at naptime, but I told her it was all done and she was satisfied with that answer. Last Sunday, she hadn't nursed in over a week and she was crying because her "mouth hurt" from her molars. She kept saying "nah nah" over and over, so I said, "Let's try," but the milk was gone and she hasn't asked since.

Later that day I cried to the Farmer because I was sad that time was over. If you've met Sweet P, you know she's an independent little gal who doesn't snuggle much. Nursing was our snuggle time. I will say though, that since she's stopped nursing, she is much more snuggly at naptime and bedtime. She wants me to sing to her and "rock a baby." So maybe she'll replace nursing with snuggles. I'd be okay with that!

So we're done and I've gotta say I'm pretty proud of myself for those 22 months. Thanks to all those mamas who encouraged me!