5 Days of Outdoor Play: Feeding Birds

Our homemade bird feeder attracted ZERO birds. Isn't that SAD?! Yeah, we thought so, too. So the Farmer headed out to buy some real bird feeders (3 to be exact) and brought them home for Sweet P to put together. THOSE have attracted a lot of birds and some annoying squirrels (we are NOT fans of squirrels around here). I've mentioned before that we live near a cemetery with LOTS of trees so squirrels are EVERYWHERE! And did you know that squirrels will eat just about anything?! I've seen them eat sunflowers, tomatoes, birdseed (including suet) and acorns (of course). Needless to say they wreak havoc on our home garden in the summer. But enough about squirrels.

It was such a nice day that we had a picnic outside and then the Farmer came home to help us fill the bird feeders.

After we filled the feeders we had some fun with the snow on the ground!
I showed the Farmer some of my awesome 8th grade softball skills and he showed me his middle school baseball skills. Let's just say we're both a little rusty! But Sweet P got a huge kick out of us pitching snowballs all over the backyard.
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