5 Days of Outdoor Play: A Day at the Farm

A few weeks ago we had some amazing winter weather and headed out to the farm to walk around. Because of the way the crops are planted it's been awhile since we've been able to walk in the fields so we took advantage of the day to walk through the fields down to the pond. Sweet P really wanted to get closer, but there's a fence around the pond so we got at close as we could.

After we walked out in the fields, we handed her a shovel and she got to digging in the dirt. We found some of Grandpa's old horseshoes so she threw a few of those, too.

It was Baby Brother's first trip to the farm, but he wasn't really interested (he slept most of the time).

We checked out the gardens and showed Sweet P the compost piles. I think she's going to be a huge help at the farm this summer and warm weather can't get here fast enough.