Yummy Ways to Say I {Heart} You

What's the best way to someone's heart? Through their tummy of course! 

Around here, we think it's pretty fun to make themed food. We do a LOT of muffin tin meals, but I also try to make pictures, shapes or games out of her food as well. What do we do for Valentine's Day? Hearts galore, of course!

Here are a few simple ways to say I {Heart} You with a Valentine snack, meal or treat:

I made these heart-shaped pizzas (love bites) for Sweet P last Valentine's Day and they were a big hit! I even cut the cheese and mushrooms into hearts!

Growing a Jeweled Rose also has a heart-shaped pizza and her little one helped! She also spelled out LOVE in peppers!
heart shaped pizza

My personal favorite heart-shaped meal is this heart-shaped tofu meal from Critters and Crayons. As vegetarians, this would be a big hit at our house!

Like I said, we love muffin tin meals and Rockabye Butterfly and JDaniel4sMom have some fun ideas for Valentine muffin tins! It doesn't have to be super fancy or even heart-shaped, just stick a few heart-themed muffin liners in!
Rockabye Butterfly's healthy heart-shaped lunch

JDaniel4sMom's heart-themed lunch with a heart-shaped muffin tin and empanadas!

Tinkerlab has a fun heart-shaped snack idea: a cream-cheese snack that looks like a cookie without all the sugar!

These cheesy heart-shaped crackers from Kitchen Counter Chronicles put goldfish crackers to shame! Look how good they look! What a great snack for a kid to wake up or come home to!

Valentine's Day wouldn't be complete without a sweet treat or two!

Maggy at Red Ted Art whipped up these awesome Whoopie Pies as part of the 100 Acts of Kindness Project. Don't you wish you were Maggy's neighbor?!

These waffle bowl cakes with cherry pie filling from Glittering Muffins look heart-filled!

And finally, these awesome stained glass heart cookies from The Outlaw Mom and Nurture Store are the perfect way to say I {Heart} You! Eat them or give them as ornaments! I love all the different color options for these cookies!

heart cookies

Do you have a Valentine go-to meal? Share the link in the comments!