Valentine Sensory Bin 2012

Sweet P had a ball with her Valentine Sensory Bin last year so last night I made a new one for her. Most of the items were leftover from last year, but I did get a few new things (heart boxes, erasers and heart necklaces) from the $1 spot at Target.

When she came downstairs the bin also had 2 little Valentine projects from Gammie and TK, a Valentine book and the purple and red cups from her sorting bears.

What's in it?

  • Purple/Red sorting bears
  • Purple/Red pegs from her geo pegboard
  • Purple/Red pompoms
  • February perpetual calendar tile
  • Heart shaped boxes
  • Heart erasers
  • Heart necklaces
  • Valentine-themed stamps
  • Valentine-themed erasers 
  • Sparkly hearts 
  • Felt hearts I made last year
  • 2 red yarn balls
  • Red jingle bells
  • String of pink pompoms

We sat together after her nap and sorted the red and purple items into the corresponding cups and made a pink pile for the pink things. Each heart box has erasers in it and she likes opening them to see how many are in each one ("This one only has one, mama!"). Later in the week I'll put number stickers on the boxes and we'll try some counting games.

She and the Farmer also had fun with it after her bath yesterday. There are a lot of items that would be fun with playdough so we may try that later this week, too!