Valentine Tot Preschool: Trays

Here are a few of our Valentine tray activities:

Counting/Opening and Closing/Sorting Activity: We started with blank hearts and I handed her stickers to stick on the lids of each heart container. We counted them, then talked about putting the appropriate number of eraser into each container. She did the number 3 first because she had 3 erasers in her hand, then she seemed done with it. I showed her how to shake the container to hear the erasers and she wanted to do more. After she did another one, I told her to shake both at the same time and she felt how they were different. She really felt/heard the difference when she shook 1 with another number.

One to one correspondence: She started out with tweezers, but quickly left them aside and did it with her hands instead. 

Counting bears sort: Sweet P actually came up with this tray on her own and filled half the tray with red bears and the other half with red. She called it a cake and came around asking the Farmer and I if we wanted a piece. Too funny!

Sorting: I bought this tray at the $ store this week for this exact purpose. The foam pieces are also from the $ store. Sweet P wanted something in each section so we added erasers and sparkly 3D hearts as well. After she sorted the items, we did a few patterns. I did one for her and then she did one for me! 

Broken heart puzzles: I used textured paper that I have a TON of and some crafting scissors for these puzzles. I cut each heart with a different pair of scissors and she matched up each broken heart. I thought it'd be more challenging for her, but she figured it out pretty quickly!

A lot of the activities were completed alongside playing with our Valentine Sensory Bin (all the objects we needed were in it!). 

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