Happy Valentine's Day: Felt Heart Ornaments

This idea was submitted by Kitchen Counter Chronicles and featured in The Heart Project book. I fell in love with this idea when I first saw it and knew I had to make them for family members as a little Valentine gift. I ended up making 7 (Gammie, Nana, Auntie RoRo, AunTK, Auntie Maria, Auntie Jane and Blair). Is anyone surprised that I loved something made out of felt?

Sweet P helped with the last one (for RoRo) and pulled the needle through for me on a few stitches. She got a poked a few times, but laughed it off. I loved the way they turned out and wish I'd made a few for us to hang up! Maybe next year Sweet P will be able to make them on her own and we'll have a Valentine tree!

This was a great project for small scraps of felt and such a fun, simple way to spread love.