Practical Life Activities for Toddlers: Bathing Baby Blue

We are slowly, but surely trying to add more Montesorri methods to our tot preschooling. There are several practical life activities that we have been encouraging Sweet P to do on her own and with us. It's been really neat to watch her do this things by herself and to see the light in her eyes as she realizes it. Some of these might seem really simple, but she gets really excited when she gets to help or do them on her own.

Bathing Baby Blue (this is her new name for Baby Brother so I'm changing it in the blog!) has been something that she really enjoys doing with me. We have a very small bathroom so she usually gets pretty wet in the process! Baby Blue is outgrowing his bathtub so he splashes a lot of water everywhere! She's learned to be very gentle and helps clean him with a small wash cloth. She also likes to help me empty the water into the big bathtub when we are finished. He is smitten with her and loves to have another face to smile at while we bath him.

Don't you just love that little patch of hair on Baby Blue?! I had a lady call it a reverse goatee. Sweet P calls it his baby mullet.

Next time she is awake to help out, I think I'll ask her to help me fill the bathtub with a large measuring cup. What do your toddlers help with?