Party Favor Painting

We brought home some party favor horns from our outing on New Year's Eve and Gammie asked if I wanted them before she tossed them. I said, "We'll find something to do with them." And I'm so excited I did!

It took me awhile to come up with something, but then I realized these would be AWESOME paint brushes! And they were! Sweet P also used them in snow play dough after she painted with them.

I mixed up some paint based on the color of the horns and then placed the corresponding horn in its color of paint. She had a lot of fun, but the strands did tend to stick together. She used each color, then said she was done so we hung it up to admire it. I love the way it turned out! 

Looks a lot like fireworks, doncha think? 

What random items have YOU painted with? Leave a link in the comments!