Heart-shaped Button Snake

I made this for Sweet P last year and didn't get around to blogging it before Valentine's Day. She also didn't play with it much because she wasn't ready for the skill of buttoning and unbuttoning the pieces onto the snake.

She's a pro at it now, although she did figure out if she pulled fast/hard enough it would come right off. Maybe we need to work on some gentleness. It's a great activity for car rides or church, too.

This was a quick, simple and inexpensive project. It seriously took about 10 minutes total (okay, maybe it took longer than that to cut out the hearts). I had everything for this laying around the house (again, not really just laying around the house, it was all put away in a craft box in the basement).

All you need is some colored felt, scissors, ribbon and a button!

Cut several hearts out of different colored felt (or use the same color, it's up to you). Sew the button to the end of the ribbon and sew a loop in the opposite end. Cut a slit in each heart large enough for the button to fit through but small enough to stay on the ribbon. Button the felt hearts onto the ribbon and you're done!