Outdoor Play: Her First Snowman!

Yep. This is Sweet P's 3rd Iowa winter and she made her very first snowman last Saturday. It snowed aaaallll day long (big huge flakes) and finally stopped shortly before she woke up from her nap. 

The Farmer created an awesome sled slide for her and then they built these awesome snowmen! Her mittens make it hard to do much molding in the snow (Note to self: buy new gloves for Sweet P) so the Farmer did most the work. 

The face of the bigger snowman is geo pegs for eyes, a carrot nose and poker chips for a mouth! 

Give Hugs!

After they made the first one (a girl, of course), they needed to make babies to go along with the mama. We used pumpkin faces to make the faces on the little ones and they look hilarious! 

Did you get snow this week?